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Prym Day and night safe

PRYM - A new and unique product that delivers innovation to the world of day-night drop in safes. We are extremely proud that we can present to our reputable partners, monetary institutions, a Croatian product which fully complies with the high standards of modern legislation. It complies with the Law on the Protection of financial institutions (Official Gazette 56/15) and the Regulation on the list of accepted standards and codes of practice in the application of the protection of monetary institutions (Official Gazette 102/16)

PRYM – Our pride. Your decision.


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Bravarija Piljek has successfully run its business and been present at the market for more than 20 years, in the manufacturing sector (security cylinders, ferrous metal products, aluminium joinery, stainless steel products and other types of metal products), as well as in the bank and vault equipment sales sector (cash registers, vaults, safes, transfer units with interlocking doors). Today we are the exclusive distributer of counter and vault equipment and the general representative for the Republic Croatia of the most renowned world leader in vault equipment manufacturing - Wertheim Austria.

We have implemented the Quality Management System by applying ISO 9001 and the Environmental Protection Management System by applying ISO 14001.

Many years of work, experience and expertise, we have proven the quality and reliability of our products and services, and in this way we have gained the trust of and cooperation of respected business partners in our country (Zagrebačka banka, Privredna banka, Raiffeisen bank, OTP, HPB, Combis Dubrovnik, Marche restaurant, McDonald's…) and abroad (Wertheim Austria, Kaba Gege Austria, Wurster Germany…).

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ISO 14001
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